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  • Švara 6,4
  • Įranga 6,7
  • Vietovė 8,5
  • Kambario patogumai / lygis 6,5
  • Personalo darbas 6,2
  • Kainos ir kokybės santykis 6,6
  • Maistas / maitinimas 5,3
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axcelzepe iš Filipinai
Verslo keliautojas
Vienvietis kambarys
Viešėta vieną naktį 2015 m. birželis
value of money, friendly staff
First time,the entry way make us have a little scare. But after first day,we used to the entry way. We are OK and enjoy with i
Apžvelgta 25 birželio 2015

robin iš Jungtinė Karalystė
Verslo keliautojas
Dvivietė lova
Viešėta vieną naktį 2015 m. birželis
New london hotel was staring at me so I gave it a try. Very friendly staff and decent price. Room was very clean and I slept very well that night. Will definitely recommend to friends who need a place to crash for the night.
Apžvelgta 16 birželio 2015

dong iš Kinija
Verslo keliautojas
Dvivietė lova
Viešėta vieną naktį 2015 m. birželis
clean chep staff
The room clean Friendly staff location
Apžvelgta 13 birželio 2015

Kai iš Malaizija
Dviejų lovų
Viešėta 4 naktys 2015 m. balandis
Suitable for backpacker
The staff is helpful and the location is very convenience
There's few blocks in that particular building. And new london is actually located in block A which is the nearest to the entrance. The room is extremely small but just nice for those backpackers like me - for refreshing and sleep. The bathroom is small but clean. Walking distance to the mtr station and food court. Very convenience. The room rate is reasonable.
Apžvelgta 01 gegužės 2015

emy iš Malaizija
Trivietis kambarys (1 dvigulė lova ir viena viengulė lova)
Viešėta 3 naktys 2015 m. kovas
bad experience
staff rude,room scary..very bad experience
Apžvelgta 25 kovo 2015

Junho iš Pietų Korėja
Verslo keliautojas
Dvivietė lova
Viešėta 4 naktys 2014 m. spalis
Just for sleep
Budget, location, staff
Umm... This is just for your short stay. Room is very small and is difficult to find. But a staff's role is very helpful for you to trip.
Apžvelgta 22 sausio 2015

gert iš Belgija
Keliauju vienas
Vienvietis kambarys
Viešėta vieną naktį 2015 m. sausis
Smallest room I ever stayed in
value for money
1 bed room was 2mx1.6m small bed, own toilet /shower. Reception is a bit difficult to find. You need to go in the mall and find the 4th elevator. Room itself was located using the 1st elevator(16th floor). On the 16th floor you still need to go up the stairs (building/repair in progress). They way to the room can be difficult to find due to a maze of hallways. Don't expect more than 1 star. Overall satisfied
Apžvelgta 22 sausio 2015

Hooi iš Malaizija
Dviejų lovų
Viešėta 5 naktys 2014 m. gruodis
my stay with New London Histek
its clean, affordable n good location
fastastic n the place is extremely in a good location. worth the amt paid.
Apžvelgta 17 gruodžio 2014

Juderita iš Filipinai
Šeima su mažais vaikais
Šeimos kambarys
Viešėta 6 naktys 2014 m. lapkritis
Location & the staff
Good, the hotel is accessible to the public transportation. The room is clean and the staff are very accommodating. For a budget hotel I think this one is good enough.
Apžvelgta 24 lapkričio 2014

Kia iš Singapūras
Dvivietė lova
Viešėta 4 naktys 2014 m. rugsėjis
Worst Nightmare
The only thing good about this hostel is the location, along Nathan Road.
I think this is one of those experiences which I hope would only happen once. . I have stayed at hostels in other countries and they are perfectly 'clean'. Had a hard time finding the hostel as they have many lift lobbies and was 'welcomed' by a variety of nationalities, giving you the strange look. There was barely space for movement within the room and we were extremely uncomfortable. We were supposed to stay there for 4 nights but we could barely close our eyes to have proper rest during the first night. We left early next morning around 6 plus just so that we can get out of the building before the start of the business activities. We booked ourselves in a proper hotel and forgo the rest of the payment made. Bad experience!
Apžvelgta 04 lapkričio 2014





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