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6,7 Patrick R.
10 kovo 2016
Not worth staying, better to do a day-trip.
The location of the place is unique - right on the Balicasag island which is a snorkeller's / diver's paradise. Bautiful coral reef, plenty of different fish, many sea turtles.
The location is the only asset of this resort. Apart from that - a huge disapointment. It is clear that this place lacks proper management and no-one really cares, because there is no alternative on the island. The problems started with the transfer - we were trying to call the resort to arrange pick-up from Panglao (Bohol). The telephone number given by agoda in the reservation was wrong. We managed to find in the web another numbers but they were either silent or out of reach. When we eventually managed to establish a proper number, they told us that it is not possible to arrange pick-up in the afternoon (after 3 pm). We asked for a private boat and the staff at Balicasag kept promising to call back about the transfer but they never did. We had to change our plans and eventually arrived next day having hired a private boat by an independent boat company. The swimming pools in the report are non-existent. During our whole stay there was a sign on the main pool (half filled with dirty water) "pool under treatment", but no-one could be seen around this place so no "treatment" was being done. Kids pool was completely empty and out of use; so was the dive pool. The staff was pleasant, kind and smiling but didn't care very much about the guests. They mainly seat around playing with their cellphones. The restaurant was OK, the food was nice, but nothing spectacular. There was a fresh water dispenser in the restaurant, but we were told that we are not allowed to use it :(! The hotel lacks proper maintenance and care. Rooms are smelly, bathrooms damp and dirty. The diveshop is also very basic. Equipment old and falling apart, very limited. The diveshop staff - nice and helpful, when you eventually manage to find them. Hadn't it been for the coral reef at Balicasag, it wouldn't be worth a trip. I would definitely recommend staying somewhere else and coming here only for a day trip.

8,4 Maksim T.
08 kovo 2016
Very good
snorkelling, turtles, sand, beaches, food in hotel restaurant, pool, stars in night sky, staff - were excellent.

15 vasario 2016
fantistic place
a fabulous place for diving. very peaceful and quiet, you can enjoy the sunset and sunrise, and diving any time.

8,8 Thomas H.
11 vasario 2016
Very nice stay!!!
It was a very nice stay on this island!!! Nice people, nice rooms, nice reef, we were very happy!!!

9 Paul B.
Jungtinė Karalystė
06 vasario 2016
Great stay
Snorkelling was amazinG. Swimming with turtle. Staff were great
Very chilled. Hotel was basic but fun. Snorkelling was amazing. Giant clams. Swimming with turtle. When you arrive pay a guide to show you the best stops. Food at the hotel was good for meat/ fish eaters. Not much fur veggies but the hotel staff are great,

9,3 Ayiss M.
27 sausio 2016
Amazing Reef On Your Doorstep!
Fantastic location, Friendly staff, Affordable

02 sausio 2016
Very nice stay/ wonderful dive
Diving spot - quiet -peacefulness
Very nice 4 nights stay. Nice diving staff . Wonderful Turtles

10 younghoon L.
Pietų Korėja
30 gruodžio 2015
nice to stay
location, beach, turtles
i liked alot

3,7 sami D.
26 gruodžio 2015
Bad experience!!
Beautiful island, really good snorkeling but worst management and kitchen ever!
The manager was really unkind to us, and in this hotel we had to pay extra for every single thing. Told us to not go to not the village because people are "dangerous" there. But people on the island are sooo nice! We decided to stay an extra night(but hotel was fullbooked) so we stayed in a really nice homestay and the manager got really mad and didnt let us keep our hired snorkelling material (although we hired it for 24h) as we are not staying in his hotel.first he said its ok and 1 min after he sent his ARMED guard to take his material back!! If u go to this beautiful island just go to village and there are plenty of cheap and really nice rooms to rent! For the rest it was the best snorkelling in the filipinnes!

4,7 kang D.
Pietų Korėja
07 gruodžio 2015
expensive resort compared to the service.
They has a fantastic sea.
Balicasag Island Dive Resort's room's price was similar to the price of a luxury resort in panglao island, but they offered bad service. I had to pay extra charge for everything. They provided small water only when check-in, so I had to buy the water of high prices and they demanded the Wi-Fi fees. I also had to pay for renting life vest and snorkel. No hot water, Water pressure was poor, Too old bed, Dark lighting (I couldn't read a book in the room), Expensive foods compared to the amount etc... Just recommand to your enemies. The one thing, local people were kind and friendly.