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Mark iš Jungtinė Karalystė
Viešėta vieną naktį 2012 m. gruodis
quiet place
relaxing place to chil out
Apžvelgta 10 gegužės 2013

ROBERT iš Rusija
Šeimos kambarys
Viešėta vieną naktį 2013 m. kovas
Nice stay for a family
nice staff, small garden and swimming pool
It was a great stay at Mabuhay Breeze Resort.Comfortable clean rooms, swimming pool and creative nice staff was there. We will come again next year. It is little bit far from the beach and big cafe!!!
Apžvelgta 11 balandžio 2013

Katri iš Suomija
Viešėta 2 naktys 2013 m. vasaris
Backpackers' basic bungalows
Possibility to prepare your own food in the reception, motorbike rental, big beds
We stayed here for two nights with my friend. It was raining (heavily) the afternoon on the first day and the water came through the ceiling onto the floor. Luckily it didn't come to our beds. There is a fan in the room. The bathroom is poor and there is no hot water. If you want to go to the beach you have to rent a motorcycle or lift a ride from the locals. The room rates are so low that you can't actually expect any better quality than this.
Apžvelgta 01 balandžio 2013

ROBERT iš Rusija
Šeimos kambarys
Viešėta 2 naktys 2013 m. kovas
Small basic frienly resort
Cheap, friendly and international guests
I feel like stay at home. Possible to use kitchen, boiling water, big rest area, swimming pool - so, very comfortable feeling. It is little far from the beach and expensive restaurants (Alona beach area) but it is cheap place so you can use motorbike taxi or rent a scooter.
Apžvelgta 26 kovo 2013

kristina iš Filipinai
Šeimos kambarys
Viešėta 2 naktys 2013 m. vasaris
Price really cheap dont expect too much from it.
Accessible to public transportation
If you will be out most of the time and just need a place to stay at night this hotel is okay for you. Dont expect too much from it.
Apžvelgta 01 kovo 2013

aicythel iš Filipinai
Viešėta vieną naktį 2012 m. rugpjūtis
Good hotel but poor location
cheap rates, accomodating staff
the rooms are fine, native kubo type. the bed is good enough for 2, but the shower room is too small. it also had a swimming pool where you can plunge anytime. they don't have restaurant, but you can bring your own or ask for delivery. you may use the kitchen if you want. everything about the rooms are good enough for the very cheap rate. the bad thing is the location. the resort is 1.5km from the beach. walking is not a good option, it is really far. we have to rent a motorbike or tricycle inable us to enjoy the beach or eat our dinner. on our 3rd night. we book at the beach front rooms, with a little bit more expensive, but much worth it. overall, we enjoy our stay in Bohol. the whole part of it.
Apžvelgta 29 rugpjūčio 2012

maria iš Filipinai
Šeima su mažais vaikais
Vasarnamis prie baseino
Viešėta 2 naktys 2012 m. liepa
Simple place
Free wifi
The place have nice staff and of course the owner is friendly. You can cook your food and use their things for you to fell comfortable.
Apžvelgta 30 liepos 2012

bobby iš Australija
Viešėta 4 naktys 2012 m. gegužė
very much out in the middle of no where
the pool i guess
very basic,only with fan no tv,dirty,smelly many cats&dogs there but the shower was ok & needed
Apžvelgta 23 gegužės 2012

Kasper iš Danija
Viešėta 2 naktys 2012 m. gegužė
If you need a place to stay which is very cheap.
Pool Lots of cats. Staff friendly
Not the best but not the worst. The toilet had drapery instaed of a door. Toilet wasn´t a disconnected room but a wall only in the same room you where sleeping. So if you are coming here with your girlfriend make sure you take time sitting outside if you are taking a dump. You can walk to the Alona beach, and you can rent a bike and go to the bee farm. The staff will set you up. It is not a bad place but it definetly needs some love. When we arrived we had to wait for 2 hours before the staff came around.
Apžvelgta 19 gegužės 2012

Ardo iš Estija
Vasarnamis prie baseino
Viešėta 2 naktys 2012 m. balandis
Peaceful hotel near beach, nice swimming pool.
peaceful, free wifi internet, swimming pool, friendly staff
Peaceful hotel near beach, free wifi internet, swimming pool, I saw only friendly staff.
Apžvelgta 17 balandžio 2012





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