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Charles F.
Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos
07 gegužės 2016
Things Change
My wife and I stay here when we come to the PI. Also, we have arranged for a room for my sister-in-law. Before, there were no problems, this time we had to jump through a lot of hoops to prove that we rented the room for her and that the charges were authorized. Because of this added hassle, even though this is a good hotel for the money, we probably won't stay here in the future or arrange for my wife's family to stay.

Dapple M.
04 gegužės 2016
budget hotel
typical budget hotel.

Elaine S.
03 gegužės 2016
Basic Stay with easy check-in, check out
I availed of the 10-hour accommodation promo. It was very practical for me and I was really glad that they offer such option for travelers who just sleep-and-go. The hotel provided complimentary water, towel and shampoo, good wifi, cable tv, hot and cold shower. Lots of restaurants downstairs, but most of them are closed when I arrived a little over midnight.

Margueret P.
28 balandžio 2016
Basic amenities and clean

Emmanuel H.
28 balandžio 2016

Gidget J.
Kosta Rika
21 balandžio 2016
Depoit charged at FrontDesk
I was charged a 1000 PHP refundable deposit when got to the front desk, something that does not say on their website or any other 3rd party site; if by any chance you are out of money is a real trouble. If you dont have the money they retain your passport,something which I dont feel comfortable doing. Bottom line the problem is not the deposit, is the fact that your are not informed about this. Good place to stay in general.

Ryan M.
19 balandžio 2016
Discount business hotel in little Tokyo
This is a cheap and easy place to stay. stay here 50% of the time to keep the budget inline.

Dylan W.
16 balandžio 2016
Bathroom and bed very small. Wifi a bit patchy. Breakfast area needs to be air conditioned. But excellent location, close to airport and greenbelt mall

Peter C.
14 balandžio 2016
Good value, but not great value.
I enjoyed my stay at this hotel because of the people around the place, and the general experience of a visit to Manila. The WiFi never worked for me in the lobby, but one of the desk attendants hooked me up to the front desk WiFi and that worked great. Unfortunately, my computer got a virus, which caused me to get the hard drive re-formatted, and I lost the sign in password for that speedy and reliable internet. The noise from the a/c and traffic was a bit loud, but I came along with a pair of ear plugs, which cut that down a bit. Make a memo to self and remind yourself to throw some of the cheap sponge ear plugs into your toiletries bag, and carry some on the plane in your change pocket. Food options were many and varied, with choices from street stalls about two hundred metres toward the back of the building, to palatial shopping centre outlets about a kilometre away from the front, down Rufino St. The place is very honest and reliable too - once I thought a camera had been stolen from the room, but I was mistaken - much to my embarrassment! Maybe it was a prejudice I'd got from a friend who told me to watch out for people trying to kidnap you, murderers, thieves, con artists, and pedophiles - and that was just the politicians.... Would I stay there again? Yes, but I'd make sure it was a higher level room facing the back of the building, away from the traffic on Amorsolo Street. Nice people own the Japanese restaurant a couple of doors down from the hotel reception entrance, and the food's great. Plenty of entertainment venues nearby as well, if you're into Karaoke anyway.

Victor C.
11 balandžio 2016
Cheap and Good Location-Nothing Else
Very noisy rooms. Unreliable wifi connection. Cockroaches inside the room.